The office Peter F. Schulz Lawyers sees itself as a highly specialized boutique in the segment of the Entertainment Law.

We advise national and international clients, primarily in the fields of music, film, television, multimedia, print, advertising, photography, visual and fine arts as well as sports.

We rank artists, producers, music publishers, music labels, composers, lyricists, actors, film and TV producers, directors, artists and advertising agencies, visual and fine artists, online service providers, etc. among our clients.

Among our priorities we reckon the supervision and representation of our clients’ interests in terms of contract negotiations, the preliminary advice and follow-up course work in connection with contracts as well as the contract administration itself.

In cooperation with experienced auditors and tax advisors we examine and audit someone’s books and records. Furthermore we carry out due diligences in connection with planned acquisitions of companies and/or rights.

Our clients avail of our excellent network, not only in view of conclusions of business deals but resolution of conflicts, too.

Our close-knit boutique structure provides the basis for an individual and personal service to our clients. We consider the legal expertise as a prerequisite – nevertheless we give top priority to achieve the targets given by our clients without losing the focus of the economical proportionality.

Essential part of our work is the development of an optimal negotiating strategy with tactical and psychological aspects to the clients’ specified goals. In addition to the focus of contracting, we provide our clients with top-notch legal expertise both in and out of court when asserting or defending/averting a claim.

This covers the whole spectrum from letter of demand, through the interlocutory injunction, to the principal proceedings. We help clients seek damages or counterstatements for a wide array of claims involving infringement of intellectual property and moral rights, be it in the form of misrepresentation, omissions or disclosure.

Furthermore, we are thoroughly equipped to handle complex cases that extend beyond Germany’s borders, maintaining close contact with colleagues abroad and, if desired, even arranging for specialized on-site legal counsel beyond our jurisdiction.

Given the highly specialized nature of our firm, we only take on cases within the world of entertainment law. Very much aware of the delicacy involved in attorney-client relationships, we are happy to accommodate clients needing other forms of legal counsel by recommending the services of reputable and capable law firms with whom we have built a rapport.

Our company philosophy in the words of a celebrity who once enlisted the services of an American entertainment law firm: